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Seeking savvy online sales people to sell website advertising listings for the cleaning industry. Will pay a one time commission for successful listings.

Commission example: $1.00 for a premium listing.
                                  $3.00 for a featured listing.
                                  $2.00 for a paid job listing.

All commissions paid after 30 days of listing.
Similar to affiliate program, but more personal.

Residual payments
Paid after 1st month.
$0.50 per premium listing as long as the listing is current.
$2 for Featured Listings.
Limited Offer: Get $25 for any annual premium subscription

You can potentially earn extra cash for life when you join our free affiliate program. 

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Free Affiliate Program From Cleaners' Hub
Affiliate Banner Examples
Earnings based on conversions:
Month 1- 600 new conversions
Month 2- 600 new conversions + 600 month 1 residual.
Month 3- 600 new conversions + 600 month one residual + 600 month two residual
Month 4- 600 new conversions + (600 month 1 + 600 month 2 + 600 month 3) residual
And so on, and so forth.

Taking that example into consideration, the following is what the affiliate would earn for premium subscriptions based on $1 per new conversion and $0.50 per month for every active subscription.

Month 1- $600
Month 2- $ 600 + $300= $900
Month 3- $600 + $300 + $300= $1200
Month 4- $600+ $300 + $300+ $300= $1500
At this rate, after 1 year, the affiliate would earn at least $3300 per month in residual payments if all the accounts converted remain active.

* This example is based on the assumption that the affiliate converts 600 new listings every month, or 20 per day on average for premium subscriptions. The same compensation structure  applies for featured listings.


There are over 5 million businesses in the cleaning industry.

Get as many listings as you can, no limit, or caps.  We'll assign you your own FREE web site with unique identifiers, email address and payment buttons to assure that you see every transaction that that goes through your links.
See example at:


Choose from a variety of banners and add a link to your Cleanershub.com web page. Click here to see some banner examples.

ONLY 9 people needed to start as soon as possible. The most qualified will be accepted initially.

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